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Using My Sun City on the Web Portal

My Sun City is a link that is displayed on the screen after you log in to the Community Association web portal. The link goes to a customized personal information web page.

There are four distinct things to do on your My Sun City page: Favorite Links, Resident Information, Personal Calendar, and Newsletter Subscriptions.

My Favorites

First, go to www.sctxca.org and log in.  

After you log in, the top of the homepage looks like this:   



Click on My Sun City  in the upper right-hand corner of the home page to get to your My Sun City page.

Add a Link for your Favorites: Click on one of your favorite Sun City web portal pages from the left navigation window. (Example: the Activities microsite) At the bottom of the window (you may have to scroll down) you will see the following:


Click on Add to Favorites. This brings up a small new window:

Type in a Link Name of your choice for this page. Then click on the  button. This will bookmark this page and add it to your Sun City web portal My Favorites list. Repeat these steps for each of the Sun City web portal pages that you wish to bookmark. 4

  Use "My Sun City" to return to a favorite at any time: Click on My Sun City to get to your My Sun City page. Now you are ready to use these bookmarks whenever you log in to the portal. To do this, go to your My Sun City page. It will now look like the following example:

Click on one of your own "Favorite Links". This will take you directly to that web portal page. Please note that a maximum of 5 bookmarks are displayed here. To see all your bookmarks: Click on View all links.

To delete a bookmark: The View all links page also allows you to delete a bookmark.

  Click on the across from the link that you wish to delete. This will cause the following window to pop up:

Click on the button to delete the link, or click on the  but ton to abort your delete request.

To edit a link name: You can edit the description of one of your Favorite Links. Click on the  button across from the link name that you want to edit. This will cause the following small window to pop up:

Type in the desired change to the Link Name field. Click on the  button.. 5 4 5

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