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ity Using My Sun City on the Web Portal

My Sun City is a link that is displayed on the screen after you log in to the Community Association web portal. The link goes to a customized personal information web page.

There are four distinct things to do on your My Sun City page:

Favorite Links, Resident Information, Personal Calendar, and Newsletter Subscriptions.

My Personal Calendar 

First, go to www.sctxca.org and log in.  

After you log in, the top of the homepage looks like this:    1


Click on My Sun City  in the upper right-hand corner of the home page to get to your My Sun City page.

Each resident has the capability of having their own personal calendar on the Sun City web portal where you can add your favorite Sun City events. Under Personal Calendar, click on one of the two boxes that will let you view your personal calendar entries in a standard grid format, or in a list format.

The grid format looks like the following:


The list format looks like the following:

Each month is a separate page. You can go back to the previous month by clicking on the  < Previous   link. You can move forward in time one month at a time by clicking on the Next > link.

  There are 4 main calendars accessible by selecting the Calendars entry in the left navigation panel. These are the CA Community Events calendar (community events open to all Sun City residents), the Governance Committee Meetings Calendar (governance committee events open to all Sun City residents), the Club & Group Events calendar (club/group events open to all Sun City residents), and the ‘Round Georgetown Event calendar (general interest events in the Georgetown area). In addition, some clubs, neighborhoods, and governance committees with a microsite will have a line item in their left side navigation bar for their calendar.

When viewing a Sun City web portal calendar, you can view details of an entry by clicking on the text of that entry.

At the bottom of the resulting detail page for a calendar event, it has a line that reads: Add to Personal Calendar.

Click on this line – this will add this event to your personal calendar. You will get the following confirmation message:


After adding entries to your Personal Calendar you can return to "My Sun City" and review the entries that you have made.


To remove an event from your personal web portal calendar, click on the event name in your Personal Calendar so that you can view it.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the window and click on the line that reads: Remove from Personal Calendar.


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