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Listed below are questions and answers on how to use the Web Portal. If you do not find what you are seeking, please send us a note and we'll be glad to add it.



Q. What are some of the resouces I can study so that I can take full advantage of the new Portal?
A. You can also download the User's Guide (in Adobe Reader format).

Q. How do I login to the Portal?
A. Please read this page.

Q. How can I update my profile on the Portal?
A. Please read this page.

Q. How do I use My Favorite Links on the Portal?
A. Please read this page.

Q. How do I use the Personal Calendar on the Portal?
A. Please read this page.

Q. How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to Newsletters on the Portal?
A. Please read this page.

Q. Are there technical tips and tricks I can use to make using the Portal easier?
A. See this Tips Page for more links.

Q. What information is available for new residents?
A. Check these pages in the Portal, first.

Q. Where can I find forms that I need to send to the Association?
A.  Many are on this page, but some forms may also be on the pages for your clubs and groups, too.

Q.  I don't understand this password thing.  How can I get help?
A.  Drop in to see the Web Administrator in the Office of Communications.  He can help you out.  You can call at 948-7737 to see if he will be at his desk at a specified time.  There is also help on
this page .

Q. Where do I find the Golf Calendar?
A.  Click on SITE INDEX;  find Golf Courses and click on it;  a new navigational bar appears on the left;  find Calendar and click on it. Or click here.

Q.  My password doesn't seem to work.  What should I do?
A.  Contact the web administrator (

Q. Why do you have my email address listed next to my spouse's name in addition to listed next to mine?
A.  From the CA & the NRO, you will only receive one email for mass mailings. If your spouse joins a club, then they can also receive club emails.

Q. When I log in and view my profile, why can't I see my spouse's name?
A.  You are logged in as you;  your spouse will need to log in as himself/herself to view his/her personal information.  If, after you have logged in as Linda Hand and are viewing your profile, please DO NOT CHANGE the first name to Linda and Mike.  Mike can log in himself to verify that his name is correct in his profile.  You will show up as a pair in the Resident Directory.


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