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Fitness Center Policies and Procedures

  1. The Fitness Center is a private facility. All residents are required to log in on the computer and show their membership card to the front desk staff. Their guests are required to sign in at the Front Desk Monitor Station each time they use the Facility.
  2. All Residents/Members will be required to attend an Orientation at the Fitness Center prior to using the Facilities. Orientation sessions are held Tuesdays at 2:00 pm at Cowan Creek Fitness Center,  and Thursdays at 6:45 pm at Texas Drive Fitness Center.  The orinetation is designed to:
    • Familiarize the Residents/Members with the policies, procedures and services of the Fitness Center.
    • Provide information so individuals may engage in self-directed or supervised activity, upon their discretion.
    • Introduce the Residents/Members to the Fitness Center and Staff.
  3. Guests of Residents/Members, age 19 or older, will be permitted to use all of the Facilities. Guests must be accompanied by a member when entering the Fitness Center.
  4. Activities in the Fitness Center are not supervised. Therefore, all persons using the equipment do so entirely at their own risk. Members of the Staff are available for consultations by scheduling an appointment time at the Monitor Station. An initial consultation is provided free of charge to help Residents/Members learn how to use the equipment properly. All persons are advised to consult their physician before engaging in any exercise activity.
  5. Outside private aerobic or fitness instructors are not permitted. Qualified Fitness Center Staff are available for Personal Training. All club programs and instructors are cleared through the Fitness Director.
  6. Appropriate clothing and shoes are required at all times. Please make sure your shoes are supportive and closed toe.
  7. The Fitness Center does not provide towels for Resident/Member usage.
  8. Abusive, loud, or profane language will not be permitted in any area of the Fitness Center.
  9. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in closed containers only.
  10. Pets are not allowed in the Fitness Center or pool areas.
  11. Only guests with a current year guest card will be allowed to use the facilities.
  12. Guests under the age of nineteen (19) must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Our recreation facilities exist primarily for the benefit of the Members. Guests may accommodated only when it does not inconvenience the Members. The facilities are not intended to serve the general public. Therefore, we need to verify that people using the Fitness Center are either Members in good standing, or their guests. Otherwise, others will use the facilities and add to the equipment usage and cost of maintaining the Fitness Center. The only way we have to assure that only qualified people use the facilities is to check Membership Cards

The primary resident's account will be replenished with the prescribed number of guest credits at the beginning of each year.

Pool Rules

  1. The pool and spa facilities are to be used at your own risk. There will be no lifeguard on duty.
  2. Appropriate swim attire must be worn. No cut-offs are permitted.
  3. Running, horseplay, and diving are not permitted.
  4. Food and beverages will be permitted in designated areas only. Glass containers, smoking, alcoholic beverages, and chewing gum are not permitted in the pool area.
  5. Oversized inflatable or floatation devices are not permitted in the pool.
  6. Lap lanes are reserved for swimming and water walking only. Please refer to the “Lap Lane Procedure” page for more information.
  7. During rain, thunder, lightning storms, or other inclement conditions, the Indoor Pool, Aerobics Pool, Outdoor Pool and both of the Spas may be closed.
  8. Any Member or Guest failing to abide by the stated policy or safety rules as posted will be asked to leave the area. The judgment of the Staff concerning safety, decorum, or sanitation will prevail.
  9. Chemicals are used to ensure a sanitary and safe water environment in the swimming pools and spas. Conditions are tested and recorded on a regular basis. If unacceptable conditions occur, management reserves the right to close the pool and/or spa.
  10. The indoor pool and aerobics pool are heated to 84 degrees. The outdoor pool is heated to 82 degrees, but the actual temperature may vary with the weather. Both in indoor and outdoor spas are heated to 104 degrees. There is a 15-minute spa use time limit due to the high temperature of the water.
  11. Residents/Members with cardiac related conditions should consult their physician before using the spa.

Lap Lane Procedures

  1. Lanes 1 and 2 are for swimming only.
  2. Lanes 3 and 4 are for swimming and/or walking.
  3. Users must share a lane if all 4 lanes are occupied.
  4. There is no advance reservation system. Each user must sign up for a specific lane and enter his/her start time on the sign-up board prior to entering the water. Changing a start time after initially entering the water is not allowed.
  5. If all half lanes are occupied, and another person is waiting, a user must yield his/her half lane after 30 minutes of use.
  6. The open exercise area adjacent to lane 4 is for both walkers and stationary exercisers.

Guest Pass Policy

    Click here to view Guest Policy

Children – Policies and Procedures

(Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the Fitness Center)

Children between the ages of 4–15 are subject to the following:

  1. Walking, not running, around the pool area is advised to prevent injury. No running, please!
  2. Handrails are to aid in entering the pool and are not for playing.
  3. Children are not allowed in the lap lanes or spas.
  4. Please keep children out of the flower beds and off the lawn area.
  5. Please have children keep track of personal belongings.
  6. Please return all pool equipment such as noodles to their proper locations after they are used.
  7. An adult must ALWAYS accompany children. Therefore, if a child is in the pool, the person responsible for the child must be in the immediate pool area, and must also make sure that the rules of the Fitness Center regarding children are followed.


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