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Community Association

The Sun City TX Community Association is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of three members designated by the Developer and four members elected by residents of the community. This Board oversees the operations, services, and finances of the Community Association, sets annual budgets and homeowner's dues, and ensures that the rules and regulations of the community are up to date and properly enforced. The Board may appoint ad hoc subcommittees and task forces, to deal with specific issues. As the community builds out to completion at 7,500 homes, the Community Association Board of Directors will transition to majority control by residents, and then to complete independence from the Developer.

The Board has established and appointed a number of Committees to oversee, study, and advise the Board in several specific areas.

Life and property in the community are regulated by a set of Community Association Documents created and maintained by the Board of Directors. Current versions of these documents are maintained by the Community Association staff and are available for use and reference by residents at all times. 
The Board has also established an organization of Neighborhood Representatives -- one Neighborhood Representative and one Alternate Neighborhood Representative for each of the neighborhoods in Sun City, TX. Each Neighborhood Representative acts as a channel of communications in both directions between the residents of the neighborhood and the Community Association staff, management, and Board. The Neighborhood Representatives meet as a group, electing a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and Secretary and publishing a weekly  Bulletin which is distributed electronically and on paper to all residents. In addition to their communications functions, many of the neighborhoods organize programs of social activities other community activities, and some publish newsletters bulletins within their neighborhood.

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