ProShow SIG

ProShow SIG, Third Wednesday, 1:30 - 2:30 PM, CyberCenter Annex

The ProShow SIG provides a forum for the exchange of information and experience about the use of the ProShow computer programs to create slide shows from several types of digital media.



CyberCenter Annex  1:30 - 2:30 pm 
Featured Speaker: Marsha Guys
In this meeting we will cover:

Marsha will host as attendees present their short show.
After each show we will give feedback, discuss and ask questions.
As time permits their will be general questions and some tips from Marsha.


Marsha Guys and Larry Plyter
ProShow SIG Leaders

New ProShow Support site :
Lots of good stuff here to find answers to questions !!



 ProShow Gold/Producer DISCOUNT Coupon

UPDATED 8/29/13 !!
A 20% discount is offered to SCT residents by clicking here. 
(no expiration date, good for new and upgrades)

"Vintage Styles" are available on lab computers

PHOTODEX Reference Site (added 8/21/08)
For excellent SHORT Training Videos- do a Google search for: GAVIN HOEY

For details:
Very interesting information

  PSG 5.0 and Producer 5.0 are on #2 computer
PSG 4.5 is on  #11 and #12 Lab Computers 

The 2 training DVDs [LAYERS and AUDIO] are on L-12 and L-2  at this time.

Plan to spend some time reviewing the fantastic techniques available. 



ProShow is a registered trademark of the Photodex Corporation .

For information contact:

Marsha Guys

Larry Plyter







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