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Second Thursday  
of each month

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.   
Computer Center   

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Photo enhanced with shadows, crop, and retouch and borders.
  Submit your original and edited-using-Picasa photos to the address below to be included in this space. 


Picasa is a free, simple to use photo editing program that goes beyond simple editing.
Thie SIG provides presentations and a discussion group for those who have experience using Picasa.

The Picasa SIG is a supplement to Picasa classes that may be offered. 
This SIG provides more
opportunity for sharing of experiences than the
more typically structured classroom setting.

At each meeting there will be a short, detailed presentation on a specific
Picasa feature followed by an open question and answer period. 
http://sctxcc.com  is your web space
for asking questions on many topics, including Picasa.  Log in and register
to have access to all forums
.  Participate by posting your questions and answers.

Anyone who has questions and/or answers is welcome to attend the Picasa SIG meetings. 

  For information, to email Sherry, click here Sherry McRae     
                               to email Barbara, click here  Barbara Resnick

Anyone interested in presenting a favorite use of Picasa to the SIG , 
             please contact Barbara or Sherry. 
Lots of help will be provided.  Share your expertise





March, 2014
      Sharing your wealth of photos through Picasa

 April 2014

    An overview of Picasa features - Part 2
     More handy dandy stuff you can do with Picasa




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The Sun City Mentors Forum


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